Trail Mix Crumbles- Now with Goji Berries

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We call them Crumbles, our employees call them “The Yummy Goodness.” It’s the delicious morsels left from our cacao after packaging. But, it has become too much for our employees to consume (great perk!) With a bit of arm twisting we convinced them to share– for a limited time that is.

These Crumbles come from our Hit the Trail Mix with Goji Berries:
Just one bite bounces your taste buds on a teeter tauter¬†from salty to sweet . Your mouth will crunch its way through sunflower seeds – enemy of cancer – and pumpkin seeds, giving your body the extra energy it needs to get you off the couch, and wait…is that Goji bringing yummy to the party? The sea salt enhances the flavor for all these new found friends as they are joined by our oohh sooo delightful cacao, making this one mix that requires finger licks. ¬†Now get out there and Hit the Trail…Mix.

All Good Stuff Cacao products are made with raw organic cacao, raw Michigan honey, have no GMOs or gluten, practice fair trade, and are made in a facility that may handle tree nuts.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Cacao, Raw Honey, Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds, Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Organic Dried Cranberries, Himalayan Sea Salt